Click Here to Print Seatholidays Payment Form
Please print out this form, complete, sign and fax it to our Office at +9714-2955946 or email back the completed form to in order to pay for your reservation.

(note merchant name will appear as SEAT HOLIDAYS DUBAI LLC on your credit card statement)

This is to authorize you to debit the following amount from my credit card :
Ref Number (as indicated on our email header, if applicable):
Date of Check In
Date of Check In

(You are requested to fax / email front copy of your credit card with valid ID of the credit card holder.)

e. For your security never furnish back side copy of your credit card nor furnish CVV number  
(last 3 digits appearing at the back of Visa Card or Master Card )  
f. Additional identification such as passport might be requested for big amount.  
Signature of Card Holder (important to sign as card signature)  
For above booking to be activated, guest is required to e-mail, notifying that this form
had been successfully completed, signed and faxed to the above numbers.
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