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Alphabetical List of Hotels in the Lebanon
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Recommended Beirut Hotels and Resorts
Beirut Hotels and Resorts
Movenpick Hotel

Movenpick Hotel and Resort Beirut Lebanon

"Great Deal in Town"
Deluxe Courtyard
from USD 237.00

Lancaster Hotel Beirut

Lancaster Hotel Beirut Lebanon

"Great Deal in Town"
Standard Room
from USD 119.00
Gefinor Rotana Hotel

Gefinor Rotana Hotel Beirut Lebanon

"Great Deal in Town"
Classic Room
from USD 178.00
Riviera Hotel Beirut

Riviera Hotel Beirut Lebanon

"Great Deal in Town"
Deluxe City View
from USD 135.00
Four Points by Sheraton

Four Points by Sheraton Le Verdun Beirut Lebanon

"Great Deal in Town"
Classic Room
from USD 273.00

Le Royal Hotel Beirut

Le Royal Hotel Beirut Lebanon

"Great Deal in Town"
Room Sea View
from USD 380.00

Le Commodore Hotel

Le Commodore Hotel Beirut Lebanon

"Great Deal in Town"
Deluxe Room
from USD 150.00

Ramada Hotel Beirut

Ramada Hotel Beirut Lebanon

"Great Deal in Town"
Standard Room
from USD 131.00

Safir Heliopolitan Hotel

Safir Heliopolitan Hotel Beirut Lebanon

"Great Deal in Town"
Grand Deluxe
from USD 150.00

Metropolitan Palace Hotel

Metropolitan Palace Hotel Beirut Lebanon

"Great Deal in Town"
Superior Room
from USD 218.00

Monroe Hotel Beirut

Monroe Hotel Beirut Lebanon

"Great Deal in Town"
Standard Room
from USD 139.00

Al Bustan Hotel Beirut

Al Bustan Hotel Beirut Lebanon

"Great Deal in Town"
Standard Room
from USD 192.00

Alphabetical Listing of Hotels and Resorts in Beirut

The history of Beirut, both long and devastating, offers a glimpse at the the true character of the city. The liberalism and social acceptance associated with Beirut has been maintained even during periods of near complete destruction. Today, as new archeological sites are being excavated, the complicated history of Beirut is being revealed.The original settlement of Beirut, first recorded by the Egyptians in the second millennium B.C.E., was located in the valley between the two hills. The original location of Beirut offered fertile, flat land, access to the sea for trading and food, and an the presence of Roman Baths in Beirutan underground water table that is still "tapped by the local inhabitants for general use." Beirut's position in the valley also provided an easy crossing of the river and channeled any movement throughout the area towards through the city. In 14 B.C.E., Beirut gained prominence in the Western world when it was made a Roman Colony, theRemains of pipes found from Roman period Colonia Julia Augusta Felix Berytus. The popularity of Beirut grew even further after the Romans established a law school in 300 A.C.E. that drew people from around the continent to Beirut. The Roman rule, however, came to an abrupt end in 551 AD when a series of earthquakes and a massive tidal wave destroyed the city.

In 635 A.D.E, Beirut was captured and reconstructed by the Muslims. The city, was redesigned with fortification and surrounding city walls, was controlled by the Muslims of Damascus. Much of the city layout and grid system that was created during Muslim control is still visible in today's modern Beirut. Extensive sea trading under the Muslims, beginning around the 10th century, helped to re-establish Beirut as a port city on the Mediterranean and as a growing city in the Middle East.

Beirut Hotels and Resorts
Hotel Name
Rates From
Reserve Now
Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon
USD 110.00
Hamra Street,Beirut
USD 311.00
Boulevard Saeb Salam
USD 273.00
Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon
USD 300.00
Sodeco - Rue 75 Beirut
USD 105.00
Hazmieh, Lebanon
USD 110.00
Verdun street Beirut Lebanon
USD 270.00
Commodore Street, Beirut
USD 175.00
Beirut - Lebanon
USD 380.00
Yafet st. Hamra Beirut
USD 100.00
PO Box 55555, Beirut
USD 450.00
Kennedy St Beirut
USD 200.00
Av Raoucheh 2038 6908
USD 237.00
El Hosn Beirut Lebanon
USD 387.00
Hamra, Beirut - LEBANON
USD 100.00
Ain El Mreysseh Lebanon
USD 270.00
El Solh Beirut 11072150
USD 135.00
St. Achrafieh, Beirut
USD 310.00
Ishak Street, , Beirut
USD 94.00
Ain EL Meraiseh, Beirut
USD 126.00
Ain El Mreisseh, Beirut
USD 74.00
Bliss St - Beirut, Lebanon
USD 55.00
P.O. Box 13-5050 Beirut
USD 122.00
Horsh Tabet, Dekwaneh
USD 90.00
Hamra Street,Beirut
USD 311.00
Beirut, Lebanon
USD 60.00
Sidani Street, Beirut
USD 92 .00
Hussain Al Ahdab str
USD 328.00
Beirut Lebanon 113-5516
USD 196.00
USD 168.00
PO Box 55555, Beirut
USD 370.00
Ain El Mreysseh Beirut
USD 400.00
Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon
USD 124.00
Street Hamra Beirut
USD 90.00
Street Hamra Beirut
USD 74.00
Syria Street, Beirut
USD 218.00
Yafet st. Hamra Beirut
USD 100.00
Rouche, Beirut, Lebanon
USD 92.00
Souraty St., Hamra - Beirut
USD 136.00
Hamra -Sadat Street
USD 74.00
Beirut, Hamra
USD 86.00
Tabet Sin el Fil, Beirut
USD 102.00
Ain El Mreiseh, Beirut
USD 153.00
Chateaubriand St Beirut
USD 131.00
PO Box: 135881 Beirut
USD 150.00
BP 167 197 Achrafieh
USD 203.00
Rustom Basha street
USD 106.00
Jnah District , Beirut
Manara, Beirut
USD 85.00
Hamra, Beirut - LEBANON
USD 93.00
Beirut, Lebanon
USD 114.00
Main Street Beirut
EUR 42.00
Po Box 1135873, Beirut
EUR 53.00
Beirut, Gemayze
EUR 74.00
Jdeitet El Maten, Beirut
Ras Beirut
EUR 83.00

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